Spencer Coyne

Spencer Coyne

Why Spencer Coyne

“He oozes a vigorous love for the town, which he has channeled into sometimes heated discussions with officials at various levels of government who aren’t forthcoming with what Mr. Coyne thinks his town needs.”

-Anthony Davis/Globe and Mail Nov. 25, 2021

Princeton is not just the Town I live in it is my home. This is where I was born. The Community has given me so much over the course of my life it is now my turn to give back. I want a vibrant sustainable future for my kids, future grandchildren and all who make Princeton home. Sustainability to me means a vibrant economy, a well managed municipality and vibrant social economy where arts, culture and recreation are embraced.

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What People are Saying


Co/Owner Princeton Outdoor Supply

Mr Spencer Coyne is in my opinion the only logical choice for this position, considering these last few years he has proven himself over and over again. Spencer has done wonders, (along with his team) at getting things done, supporting businesses and Tourism, as well as residents. During the recent disasters the town of Princeton has suffered Spencer was invaluable being upfront and forward where necessary to get things needed and accomplished. With his hands on approach, and out there in the middle of all the chaos, I honestly don’t know where our town would be without all that he was able to accomplish.

The Vermillion Artist Collective

The Vermillion Artist Collective is grateful to have a mayor like Spencer Coyne. He recognizes and supports building an arts and culture presence in our community, which is the main goal of our collective. Hosting music events in the Town of Princeton brings benefits to the whole community.

Owner Mind Body and Spirit Wellness

Spencer Coyne and I have been friends most of our lives. However our bond has strengthened as adults in our conversations, brainstorming sessions, and our mutual passion and advocacy for health services for our community.

Recently Spencer has been donating his personal time in supporting me in my local role as Child and Youth Clinician and my pilot program. This program offers support to Indigenous youth and their families in reconnecting to their local territory, culture, and medicine in the spirit of healing their overall well-being and mental health. Spencer has offered countless hours of his personal time in support this initiative. His support has been invaluable, and is yet another example of his love for our community and the mental health programs that support us.

I back Spencer Coyne in running for a second term as our Mayor. In reflection of his first term we have seen nothing but positive leadership and momentum in our community. He has lead us through fires, COVID, and of course the flood with grace, humility, and pride. Spencer advocates for our community at every level and takes every opportunity to shine the light on our successes and our deficits in the spirit of growth. Spencer rarely takes his mayor hat off, always thinking about us, his friends, neighbours, and community at large and how he can support us in our growth, even during unprecedented global and community crisis

President Vermilion Forks Metis Association

It is with great pleasure that I support my friend, Spencer Coyne, for mayor. His genuine concern and commitment for this community has exceeded all expectations and set us on a path of growth and prosperity.

Not many mayors and councils could have endured what this council has over the past four years. But ours did, and did it well. Major hits like the flood, fires, closed highways, and heat wave have tested council and administration. They answered the call all under the eye and guidance of a true leader, Spencer Coyne. As a volunteer in several organizations, I have had the privilege of working and planning with this young man. He is not afraid to go the extra mile for our community and area, and it shows in his accomplishments. I don’t have to agree with him on everything, but I do respect his abilities and commitment. I thank Spencer for all he has done for us over the past four years, but we need him for at least one more term to complete his vision and show our communities potential.

I encourage all my friends and relatives to support Spencer Coyne for re-election as Mayor this fall to guide us into the future for the next four years. Vote Spencer Coyne, truly a man for the people.

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